"... To Err is Human; 
To forgive is against SSD Regulations...."


The Special Security Division was based on the novel 
"Death's Angel" written by Kathleen Sky. 
The cover on the left is the original, while the one on the right is the reprint.
 "A Special Security Division had been established very early in the development of Star Fleet.  The black-clad group of elite security investigators was sometimes jokingly referred to as the Federation's equivalent of the Texas Rangers.  But there was also an undertone of fear and dislike in Star Fleet's relationship with the SSD.  There had been accusations of Gestapo-like techniques, and a general feeling that the end justified the means; also, the strange esprit de corps that existed among the members of the Special Security Division was frightening to many of the Federation's other ranking officers.  The Special Security Division felt no loyalty to anything but the Federation and the SSD.  They gave no quarter in their investigations, and should a high-ranking Federation official be implicated in a crime or misdeed, there was no bargaining with the Special Security Division.  'Justice' was their motto, and let the chips fall where they might.  They respected no one, and their loyalty to their code of ethics was unbreakable.  They were a necessary force but a feared one."